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4 soldiers
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4 IDF soldiers killed in Zeitoun Gaza

4 soldiers

The soldiers from the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion were identified as Sgt. Itay Livny, 19, Sgt. Yosef Dassa, 19, Sgt. Ermiyas Mekuriyaw, 19, and Sgt. Daniel Levy, 19.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Four IDF soldiers were killed during an operation in Gaza on Friday.

The soldiers, all from the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion, were identified as Sgt. Itay Livny, 19, from Ramat Hasharon; Sgt. Yosef Dassa, 19, from Kiryat Bialik; Sgt. Ermiyas Mekuriyaw, 19, from Beersheba and Sgt. Daniel Levy, 19, from Kiryat Motzkin.

They were carrying out an operation against terrorists who were hiding in a school in the Zeitoun neighborhood when they were ambushed and hit with explosives.

In addition, two soldiers from the 401 Armored Brigade’s 9th Battalion were severely wounded by RPG fire on a tank in Rafah.

Two soldiers from the 9th Battalion of the 401st Brigade were seriously wounded in the southern Gaza Strip.

The deaths of these four soldiers bring the IDF casualty number during the Gaza ground war to 171.

On Friday, the IDF was continuing the Rafah operation initiated on Monday when troops captured part of the Salah a-Din road, along with the Rafah Crossing to Egypt.

Tanks have moved further into Rafah, but according to Reuters, only in areas that civilians have evacuated.

IDF troops neutralized dozens of terrorists before operating in the Zeitoun neighborhood.

The IDF seized the Rafah crossing, which will negatively impact Hamas’s ability to smuggle weapons and people back and forth from neighboring Sinai.

The crossing is part of the wider Philadelphi Corridor running along the Gaza-Egypt border, which has for years been a central supply line for Hamas smuggling.

Prior to the Rafah operation, the IDF evacuated 150,000 of the million Palestinians in the area, and evacuations are still ongoing.

The war cabinet has approved “measured” actions in Gaza to avoid what could be termed as a “major operation,” which would affect Israel’s alliance with the US.

US President Joe Biden has said he would halt the delivery of weapons and military aid to Israel if it launches a major operation in Rafah.

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