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Extreme tension between Israel and Egypt: The border corridor threatens to cause escalation
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“A new operation in Rafah.” What's happening in Gaza – El Tempo

The Israeli army announced that it had begun a new operation in Rafah, specifically inside the Yabna camp in the center of the city. The Israeli army claimed to have killed several terrorists, and found military infrastructure and numerous weapons, including anti-aircraft artillery. Since May 6, Israel has launched an operation in Rafah, where, during these months of conflict, more than a million Palestinians who fled the northern and central Gaza Strip have taken refuge.

Meanwhile, the reopening of the Rafah crossing, which connects Gaza to Egypt and through which most aid entered the Palestinian enclave, is the issue that negotiators from Egypt, the United States and Israel will focus on. The official Al-Ahram newspaper confirmed that Egypt made clear to “all parties” its “steadfast position not to open the Rafah crossing as long as Israel continues to control the Palestinian side.” A source very close to Egyptian intelligence also confirmed, quoted by Cairo News Channel, that Cairo “holds the Israeli side responsible for the consequences of the closure of the Rafah crossing, and the “deterioration of the humanitarian situation.” The announcement of the meeting coincided with statements by US President Joe Biden on Saturday regarding the proposal to reach an agreement. A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the release of hostages held by the Palestinian Islamic Movement, and an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza residents have been severely restricted following the start of the Israeli military operation in Rafah and the seizure of the Palestinian side of the crossing, which was the only exit. From the sector not controlled by Israel.