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China tornado
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After the United States of America and China, a scary hurricane in Abha in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


A rare one tornado I fell on him Abha, a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Asir region. Pictures accompanying the article show the terrifying vortex lifting debris from the ground while looming menacingly in the sky. The tornado is very dark, perhaps due to the amount of dust stirred up, and has impressive dimensions. This is the third disaster of this kind yet Extensive damage caused by tornadoes in Nebraska and Iowa And China In the past two days.

The official spokesman for the Saudi National Meteorological Center, Hussein Al-Qahtani, said that it is a medium-speed hurricane, as a result of the weather conditions affecting the region. He called on everyone to be careful and stay away from such weather phenomena when they occur. At this time there are no official reports of damage, but given the debris raised and the size of the tornado, it is unlikely that this event did not cause damage.

Oklahoma tornado, USA

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