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Mohammad Sharab
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Anti-Israel militant suspected of kidnapping spotted at Australia rally wearing Hamas emblem

Mohammad Sharab

Man facing charges for kidnapping and torture spotted at anti-Israel rally in Melbourne wearing Hamas emblem.

By World Israel News Staff

A radical anti-Israel activist suspected of kidnapping and torturing an Australian man earlier this year was spotted this week at a pro-Hamas demonstration in the Australian city of Melbourne wearing the terror group’s emblem.

Thirty-seven-year-old Mohammed Sharab is facing criminal charges in connection to an incident on February 16th, in which Sharab, and 28-year-old Laura Allam – another militant anti-Israel activist in Australia – where allegedly involved in the kidnapping of a 31-year-old man.

During the incident in question, the victim, a resident of St. Albans – a suburb of Melbourne – was forced into a vehicle and driven off, as his abductors beat him.

The man was transferred to a second vehicle during the abduction and was later robbed, then dumped out of the vehicle in different Melbourne suburb.

After the assault, the victim was hospitalized in light condition.

Sharab has been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, armed robbery, threats to kill, causing bodily injury, and a string of assault-related charges.

Allam is facing charges of kidnapping, armed robbery, and false imprisonment, along with several assault charges.

On Sunday, Sharab was spotted addressing protesters at a pro-Hamas rally in Melbourne.

Footage of the event shows Sharab wearing a pin bearing the Hamas emblem.

Hamas is outlawed as a terror organization in Australia.

Others at Sunday’s march were seen carrying or wearing items bearing the emblem of the Lebanese Hezbollah terror organization.

MP Adam Bandt, chief of the Australian Green Party, addressed marchers after they arrived outside the Australian Parliament in Victoria.

The protest march was organized following the Israeli military’s rescue of four captives held in the central Gaza town of Nuseirat.


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