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Pro-Hamas cupcakes
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Australian bakery slammed for making pro-Hamas cake, cupcakes

Pro-Hamas cupcakes

The order was for a four-year-old’s birthday party.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Australian leaders and Jewish groups slammed an Australian bakery Tuesday for making Hamas-themed treats for a child’s birthday party.

“Australia, we have a problem,” the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) wrote on X regarding the custom order made by an Arab-owned establishment called Oven Bakery by Fufu.

The pro-Israel, politically conservative group showed several pictures that the Sydney-based business had posted on Instagram when showing off its work.

One was a cake decorated like a keffiyeh, with the words “Omar is 4” on the background of a Palestinian flag and a picture of Hamas’ Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Ubaida.

Another was a box full of cupcakes that had a picture of the flag or the terrorist perched atop the icing.

Perhaps most shocking was a photo of the child himself, who was dressed in military fatigues with his entire head encased in a red-checked keffiyeh except for his eyes, turning himself into a smaller version of Abu Ubaida.

The baked goods are on a table behind him, with multiple Palestinian flags decorating the wall.

The AJA also showed a screenshot of several approving reactions from other businesses that called the little boy “a cutie,” and “a champion.”

One, a store selling modest Muslim clothing named Ayahs, wrote “Love it,” with inverted red triangles accompanying its compliment.

These triangles are based on the Palestinian flag and have been turned into a visual symbol of support for Hamas, which uses it to tag an Israeli target it wants to attack.

Since Hamas is officially listed as a terrorist organization in Canberra, AJA head Robert Gregory called on the authorities to open an investigation of the entire incident.

“Dressing a child up as a terrorist…is reprehensible and a form of child abuse,” Gregory told the Daily Telegraph.

“Islamic extremism and radicalization of youth is not just a problem for the Jewish community, it’s a threat to all Australians,” he stated. “Australia has seen several recent incidents of Muslim youth allegedly stabbing or plotting to attack other Australians.”

“Indoctrination starts at a young age and is similar to what is seen across the Middle East,” he continued. “This is nothing short of child terrorist grooming.”

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry agreed.

“It takes a rare kind of psychosis to want to teach infant children that Hamas terrorists are to be admired and emulated,” said the group’s co-chief executive, Alex Ryvchin. “If this is what is happening in some Sydney homes, we should prepare for a generation of violent extremists.”

Prime Minister Chris Minns called the photos “horrifying.”

“Hamas is an evil terrorist organization,” he said. “Kids parties should be innocent and fun, not hateful.”

The bakery, known for its custom-made cakes, has since deleted its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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