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Baghdad celebrates International Music Day

Baghdad ( – The famous Iraqi composer Mustafa Zair announced that the National Theater will host a musical concert titled “From Spain to Baghdad” on June 28th. The Shaghaf Center for Culture and Arts is organizing the concert, with support from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Union of Iraqi Artists.

A maestro of Iraqi music

Mustafa Zair the leader of an Iraqi musical band is standing for the audience
Mustafa Zair from his latest musical concert in Baghdad

Mustafa Zair is one of Iraq’s greatest musicians and the director of the Peace Orchestra. He has organized numerous musical events and concerts worldwide featuring Iraqi music. In addition, Zair also hosts almost monthly concerts in Baghdad, aiming to preserve pure Iraqi music.

Introducing Iraqi Flamenco: The Bird of Andalusia Project

As part of his project “The Bird of Andalusia,” Zair is producing a new form of music called Iraqi Flamenco. Zair is trying to mix the Spanish flamenco and Iraqi Oud, forming unique music that captivates everyone’s hearts. The Corduba Group, a group of Spanish musicians, will join Mustafa Zair to create this remarkable night of music.

The National Theater

Photo of the National Theater in Baghdad where many musical concerts are being held.
The National Theater Photo by: INA

The Iraqi government opened the theater in 1975 to host the moguls of Iraqi art since then. The theater was closed during the 2003 invasion for 6 years. In 2009, the theater hosted the play “To Enjoy the Sweetness You Must Taste the Bitterness” to open its doors officially and has functioned since then as a destination for art connoisseurs in Iraq.

Anticipation and inspiration

The musical concert is anticipated to draw a full house at the theater, as Iraqis get increasingly thrilled about it. Indeed, it is inspiring to see musicians like Mustafa Zair developing Iraqi music creatively, blending traditional sounds with new influences to keep the cultural heritage alive and vibrant.

Tickets will be available through the Digital Zone platform.

Also, check out the official announcement from here.

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