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Columbia University protests
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Columbia offers to surrender to terror supporters

Columbia University protests

Hamas supporters negotiate just like Hamas does.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

Columbia University (to no one’s surprise) is going the way of Northwestern, and offering the terror supporters rampaging across its campus a deal.

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik published a letter to students today (Wednesday) following the removal of the anti-Israel protesters who took over Hamilton Hall on Tuesday morning and were removed by police on Tuesday night in which she revealed that the university administration had been willing to consider the protesters’ demands, including divestment from Israel.

Shafik said that during talks between the administration and protesters, “the University offered to consider new proposals on divestment and shareholder activism, to review access to our dual degree programs and global centers, to reaffirm our commitment to free speech, and to launch educational and health programs in Gaza and the West Bank. Some other universities have achieved agreement on similar proposals.”

Despite the violence, hate, and calls for the murder of Jews displayed at the anti-Israel protests on the Columbia campus over the last two weeks, Shafik said that the protesters “are also fighting for an important cause, for the rights of Palestinians and against the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.

They have many supporters in our community and have a right to express their views and engage in peaceful protest.”

She added, “We also must continue with urgency our ongoing dialogue on the important issues that have been raised in recent months, especially the balance between free speech and discrimination and the role of a university in contributing to better outcomes in the Middle East.”

Hardly surprising.

The Hamas supporters are negotiating with their own political allies after all. They know the university won’t do anything to them and that the more they escalate, the more concessions they win.

In this case, the concessions will include funding for “humanitarian aid programs” in terror areas, which will amount to funding for terrorism, and to provide more options for boycotting Israel.

Hamas supporters negotiate just like Hamas does. And Columbia U is playing the local version of the Biden administration.

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