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The Pope: With the spirit we sow peace, brotherhood and justice
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Francis: Feeding on the Spirit, listening to the Word of God silences gossip

In Regina Caeli's Mass of Pentecost, the Pope explains in detail what was already emphasized in the homily of the Mass celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica. The invitation should be “echoes of the sweet voice of consolation for each other,” because saying a kind word is within everyone’s reach, and “is easier than cursing and anger.”

Antonella Palermo – Vatican City

The Holy Spirit is a witness to “the beautiful dialogue in which the Father and the Son express their love for each other. And so on Regina Kylie Pope Francis identifies the third person of the Trinity at Pentecost.

The Spirit repeats to us the transforming words of love

The Pope says: “The Father speaks to us in words Which express wonderful feelings, such as affection, gratitude, trust, and compassion.” He stressed that there is “a relationship as beautiful, luminous, tangible, and enduring as God’s eternal love.” Thus the soul is a kind of platform for the sound of “transforming words of love,” the focus of “nice to listen to.” These words “because they generate and grow in our hearts the same feelings and the same intentions.”

That is why it is important that we nourish ourselves every day with the words of God, the words of Jesus, inspired by the Spirit. I often say: Read part of the Bible, take a small Bible in your pocket and take it with us.

In his sermon at the Pentecost Mass, celebrated in the Vatican Cathedral, Francis invites us to proclaim the Gospel with force but without imposition and with gentleness, because…

Listening to God's Word silences gossip

Francis quotes the priest and poet Clemente Ribora – and this is not the first time he has drawn on his literary works – who wrote in his diary, speaking of his conversion: “And the word silenced my chatter!” (the biography). Hence the teaching he derives from it: Read the Bible, meditate on it, and pray in silence. He particularly highlights the importance of simple, silent worship, and “speaking kind words to one another, saying them in the heart so they can say them to others, then repeating to one another the sweet voice of the Comforter.” , the spirit “.

The Word of God silences our superficial chatter, and makes us say serious words, beautiful words, and joyful words. “And the word silenced my chatter!” Listening to God's Word silences gossip.

Prayer and kind words are easier than cursing

As usual, the Pope asks some questions so that everyone can ask themselves the way to grow in their relationship with God:

toReading and meditating on the Bible, praying in silence, and saying kind words are not difficult things, no: we can all do them. It is easier than insulting and getting angry…and then we ask ourselves: What is the place of these actions and words in my life? How can I develop them, to better hear the Holy Spirit, and become His echo for others?