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From Dubai to France: a day embraced by Iraqi warmth and hospitality

Baghdad ( – Loan Laux and Kauthar, a couple on a unique journey, passed through Iraq and were captivated by the country’s beauty and the warmth of its people. Their adventure left them with unforgettable memories of the kindness and hospitality they experienced.

As part of their road trip from Dubai to Paris, Loan and Kauthar traveled straight through Iraq. They started in Basra, spending their first night at the Grand Millennium Hotel. Early the next morning, they resumed their journey to Baghdad.

According to Loan, the 900-kilometer ride through Iraq was filled with astonishing landscapes, showcasing the country’s natural beauty. The highway was in excellent condition, making their journey smooth and enjoyable. Although the couple aimed to reach Erbil as soon as possible, limiting their interactions with locals, they had a memorable encounter during a brief stop for coffee at a roadside cart. There, they met a group of friendly and welcoming youths, who left a lasting impression.

650 Gym & Dine in Baghdad at night
650 Gym & Dine in Baghdad

Upon arriving in Baghdad, the couple enjoyed a delightful meal and relaxed at the renowned 650 Gym & Dine. Loan shared his surprise on Instagram, posting, “Bet that is not what you expected for Baghdad.”

In Erbil, the couple was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of their hotel’s manager. After waking up late and missing breakfast, the Ramada Hotel and Suites manager insisted they visit the restaurant, where the chef prepared a unique Iraqi breakfast with a variety of dishes just for them.

The couple spent the rest of the day enjoying Erbil before heading to Turkey. Their 900-kilometer journey through Iraq was a sweet and eye-opening experience, highlighting the country’s landscapes and the hospitality of its people.

Iraqi Masgouf
The Couple enjoying Iraqi Masgouf

Following the last Arabian Gulf Cup in Basra in 2022, many people from Arab countries started visiting Iraq and were amazed by the sincerity of the Iraqi people. This sentiment is echoed by tourists from around the world who visit Iraq annually, all struck by the kindness and generosity of its people. As Loan aptly put it, “They are too sweet for us.”

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