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Gazans plead with Hamas to accept ceasefire

Rafah refugees

‘Hamas led us into war of annihilation’ – Gazans vent frustration, despair over terror group’s refusal to accept compromise for ceasefire. 

By World Israel News Staff

Gaza civilians increasingly disheartened by Hamas’ refusal to accept a compromise for a ceasefire with Israel vented their frustration to foreign reporters, calling publicly on the terror group to soften its terms in hostage deal talks.

Speaking AFP, 67-year-old Umma Ala said Hamas has “led the Palestinian people into a war of annihilation.”

“If the Hamas leaders were interested in ending this war and ending the suffering of the Palestinian people, they would have agreed [to a deal],” said Ala.

Abu Eyad, 55, a resident of northern Gaza, said Hamas’ behavior had made a “mockery of us, our pain and the destruction of our lives.”

Noting that his three children have been separated by the war, he accused Hamas leaders of “sleeping comfortable, eating and drinking” while Gaza civilians suffer the consequences of the war they launched.

“Have you ever tried to actually live our lives today?”

“Did you know that many times we don’t find any food at all?”

Speaking with reporters, 35-year-old Abu Shaker directly addressed the Hamas terror group’s leadership, demanding an explanation for the refusal to agree to a ceasefire.

“What are you waiting for? What do you want? The war must end at any cost. We cannot bear it any longer.”

“We are tired, we are dead, we are destroyed and our tragedies are countless,” he added.

Fifty-year-old Umm Shadi demanding Hamas “end the war immediately without seeking to control and rule Gaza.”

“Every day the war on Gaza increases, our pain and the pain of the people increases,” she continued. “What is Hamas waiting for?”


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