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“I have already heard this analysis of yours…” Patrick Facciolo portrays Saviano

Roberto Saviano He is a professional victim, and we know that. The writer of “Gomorrah”, the authority of that radical left, often plays the role of the martyr, even if he does not have the reasons for the vast majority. Let us think of the complaint made by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, whom the Neapolitan writer called a “scoundrel” and who, unhappy, pretended to side with reason. Or the alleged censorship against him, just think of the Buchmesse case: the editors did not take it into account, but the finger was pointing to the right. In his campaign against the government, Saviano placed great emphasis on the concept of… Watermelon But one of the latest videos has not gone unnoticed…

On May 31, Saviano posted a video analyzing Georgia Meloni's political communication, in particular the Prime Minister's choice to appropriate the term “Telemeloni” to mock his opponents. The thinking of a college professor, typical of someone who has the truth in his pocket. But is this painstaking analysis his own work? It doesn't seem so. Patrick Facciolo – a doctor of psychological techniques and a public speaking coach – posted a video on his channels showing Saviano's inaccurate copying of a video the expert provided on May 25, that is, six days ago. Combining the two contents, there is no doubt.

@PatrickFacciolo In this video I congratulate Roberto Saviano for his careful analysis of Giorgia Meloni's communications. #communication #Policy #Saffiano #Watermelon #Robertosaviano #GeorgiaMelloni #Watermelon ♬ Original audio – Dr. Patrick Facciolo

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After unveiling Saviano, Facciolo took the opportunity to cast a glance at the martyr: “Unlike Buchmesse in Frankfurt, you're lost there. He should have an honorary professorship in political communication techniques at Harvard. And if they don't give you the chair, make a video and conclude by saying “It's censorship… No, this is a method you already know.” A clear reference to the writer's habit of invoking – inappropriately – censorship against him. but this is not all. The video posted by the communications expert reminded many netizens of the condemnation Scientific theft v. Saviano dating back to 2013, where some clips of “Gomorra” were found to be an illicit copy of the content of two articles in the local newspapers Cronache di Napoli and Corriere di Caserta.

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