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In the European elections, whoever wins must hurry and erase this green nonsense

European voters were sent to commission et al Parliament Clear message: the trend must be reversed. The Italian majority and the Italian government must immediately commit to giving life to them A different European majority From the source, which puts him in the first place Completely rethink the entire Green DealStarting with the provision on energy efficiency in buildings, the so-called “Green Homes” Directive, which they appropriately voted against, despite their contribution to improving it.

Who is quick to say that? The majority of Ursula is technically repeatable He does not understand, or refuses to do so, that the situation has changed, that the Europeans have made their voices heard, and that the parties must act accordingly, unless some of them – the People's Party first and foremost – are willing to consolidate their positions in positions that are now untenable. It is light years away from the popular will.

Europe must cease to exist Directors' housealmost always allying itself with business, to transform itself into an entity closer to the needs of the countries that comprise it, their economies, and their citizens.

Therefore the new Commission, whose composition will be influenced by the governmental changes that have taken place in the last five years in various countries, must finally put an end to this repeated and intolerable demand for more aid. Property taxes.

Nothing but increases. On the contrary, the hope is that work will be done, even gradually, to reduce a rock weighing more than… 50 billion euros On the shoulders of those who decided to invest their savings in bricks and mortar. A hot topic more than ever, knowing that there is exactly one week left until the deadline for paying the first installment of the capital component of this tax, which is…Economic and Monetary Union.

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