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Iraqi President emphasizes strategic alliance’s value with NATO

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi President, Abdul Latif Rashid, emphasized the value of bilateral cooperation and the strategic alliance with NATO in advising and enhancing the military and combat capabilities of the Iraqi security forces.

Rashid’s remarks took place during his meeting with the commander of the NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI), Lieutenant General Jose Antonio Aguero Martinez, whose duties in Iraq have finished, Major General Cas Schreurs, the new force commander of the NMI, and the NATO Ambassador to Iraq, Ronald Sonnemans, according to the Iraqi Presidency.

After completing his studies at the US Army War College and serving as a battalion commander, Schreurs held a number of positions, including Chief of the Army Staff’s Integration Department, Head of the Defense Staff’s Integrated Planning and Coordination, and Personal Advisor to the Netherlands Chief of Defense.

Since June 2021, Schreurs has served as the commander of the 11 Airmobile Brigade (Air Assault) in Schaarsbergen in the Netherlands.

The Iraqi President stated that the security forces are now capable of handling a variety of security challenges, indicating that the security services in Iraq are actively continuing their tasks to pursue remnants of terrorist groups, establish security and stability, and ensure the safety of citizens.

According to Rashid, Iraq is eager to maintain its growing relations regionally and internationally, noting that the country has retrieved its international status and its pivotal role in bringing points of view closer between countries.

Martinez expressed his satisfaction in working with the Iraqi security forces, confirming that the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces have grown.

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