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Iraqi, US firms sign agreements to develop Bin Omar gas field

Baghdad ( – Raban Al-Safina Group of Companies signed nine agreements with seven US companies to develop the Bin Omar gas field in the southern Iraqi governorate of Basra.

The Business Development Manager for Oil and Energy Projects at Raban Al-Safina, Ahmed Al-Mohsen, said that the companies with which agreements were signed include KBR, Honeywell, Baker Hughes, Emerson, and General Electric (GE), according to Asharq Business News.

The agreements include high-efficiency energy production solutions as well as engineering design, primary equipment preparation, and technology provision for natural gas processing.

The Iraqi cabinet approved last November a plan to develop the Nahr Bin Omar.

As the Iraqi government is actively seeking to attract investments to develop the natural gas sector in the country, it puts natural gas among the top priorities of the government agenda.

The Nahr Bin Omar oil and gas field is one of the strategic fields in southern Iraq. The project will handle more than 300 million standard cubic feet of gas each day, helping to fulfill energy demands and promote environmental sustainability.

The project will also contribute to reducing carbon emissions by more than 8 million tons annually.

The project includes the construction of operating facilities to collect and compress the associated gas produced in the Nahr Bin Omar field, central gas processing facilities, connecting pipelines, and marine export facilities to export oil products to global markets.

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