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Iraq’s mobile market grows 112% led by Chinese brands

Baghdad ( – Iraq’s mobile market has witnessed an extraordinary growth rate of 112%, driven primarily by a surge in demand for sub-$200 devices.

This expansion is largely attributed to the increasing popularity of Chinese vendors who offer devices with color, material, and finish (CMF) at competitive prices, making advanced technology more accessible to a broader segment of the growing Iraqi population.

According to recent research by Canalys, Transsion has emerged as the dominant brand in Iraq’s mobile market. Commanding a substantial market share of 43%, Transsion’s success is a testament to its strategic focus on affordability and quality. The brand’s emphasis on delivering high-value smartphones at lower price points has clearly resonated with Iraqi consumers.

Xiaomi holds the second position with a market share of 22%. Known for its innovative approach and cost-effective devices, Xiaomi has successfully captured a significant portion of the market by offering feature-rich smartphones that do not break the bank.

In third place is HONOR, with a 12% market share while Samsung, a global leader in mobile technology, is in the fourth position with a 10% market share. Rounding out the top five is realme, which holds an 8% market share.

This dynamic shift in Iraq’s mobile market highlights the growing influence of Chinese manufacturers and the increasing importance of affordability and quality in consumer decision-making.

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