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Italian university in Baghdad: a boost for Iraqi education

Baghdad ( – In a move to enhance educational and cultural ties, Iraqi President Dr. Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid has welcomed the proposal to establish an Italian university in Baghdad. During their visit to Baghdad Palace, Italian Ambassador to Iraq, Maurizio Greganti, and Italian Member of Parliament, Mauro del Barba, discussed this proposal with the Iraqi president. The proposed university will specialize in architectural and civil engineering, marking an important step in advancing Iraq’s educational infrastructure.

Strengthening Iraq-Italy relations

President Rashid highlighted the strong relations between Iraq and Italy during the meeting. He emphasized the importance of these ties across political, economic, cultural, and environmental sectors. Furthermore, he welcomed the Italian government’s initiative to open the university. President Rashid stressed the need for training engineers and enhancing their scientific skills to contribute to Iraq’s development and stability.

Italian education

Italian universities are famous for their excellence, particularly in fields of architecture and engineering. Institutions like Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino are globally recognized for their cutting-edge research and innovative teaching methods. The establishment of an Italian university in Baghdad will provide Iraqi students access to world-class education and expertise in architectural and civil engineering, building a new generation of skilled professionals who can drive the country’s infrastructure development forward.

International educational institutions in Iraq

A group of students surrounding a professor who is explaining how to solve a certain computing problem
A professor explains a coding problem for students at GDSC AUIB Hackathon
Photo by: GDSC AUIB

This initiative is not the first of its kind. Currently, Iraq hosts several universities that follow American and British educational models. For instance, the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) has been providing the Iraqi market with experts in various fields since its establishment in 2007. Similarly, the American University of Iraq, Baghdad (AUIB) is expected to positively impact Iraq’s pedagogical practices and improve the economic landscape.

The scene of Iraqi education

A group of AUIS students wearing graduation outfits during their graduation cermoney
The 13th AUIS Commencement Ceremony, class of 2024
Photo by: AUIS

Iraq, the country that invented the first writing system and was once considered the capital of wisdom during the Abbasid age, has been suffering from a deteriorated educational system for decades. Baghdad University, considered the best university in Iraq, ranks at position 800 in the QS World University Rankings, one of only three Iraqi universities in this ranking. However, as the situation in Iraq improves across many sectors, so does the educational system. These foreign universities arrive at a crucial time to help rebuild the Iraqi educational system and provide Iraqis with a new model of education from which they can gain valuable insights.

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