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UNRWA protest
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Jerusalem deputy mayor calls for expulsion of UN agency

UNRWA protest

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem leds protest calling for the expulsion of UNRWA from Israel’s capital.

By World Israel News Staff

A Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem led a protest in the capital Tuesday calling for the expulsion of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) from the city, citing its ties to the Hamas terror organization.

Tuesday’s demonstration was organized by activists from the Im Tirtzu movement, in conjunction with Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Aryeh King, in front of the UNRWA offices in Jerusalem to protest the Israeli government’s refusal to remove the UN agency from the capital.

Hundreds of protesters came to the demonstration, calling on the government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expel UNRWA offices from the city.

The demonstrators emphasized UNRWA’s ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups, and the involvement of the agency’s workers in October 7th invasion and subsequent atrocities. They noted that UNRWA has three offices in Jerusalem, and demanded that each of them should be closed, while calling for the agency’s employees to be expelled from the city.

Benyahu Ben Shabbat, activities coordinator for Im Tirtzu, said: “We thank everyone who came to the demonstration. The first step in the war against those who want to harm us is to expel them from our capital. UNRWA will not be allowed to continue operating from Jerusalem.”

The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Aryeh King, said during the protest: “I call on Foreign Minister Israel Katz to ensure UNRWA will no longer be active in Israel. I also call on the Prime Minister to make a brave decision and expel those who kidnapped, murdered and raped our daughters and sons from Jerusalem. UNRWA must be outlawed!”

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