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Felipe VI accepts the flag.
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Letizia in a blue and sapphire dress and Leonor in uniform: the oath of King Felipe VI on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his graduation

Philip VI Letizia chaired the commemoration ceremony The fortieth anniversary of the swearing-in of the flag of the forty-fourth estate to which the King belongs Saturday morning at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza. His role was therefore double, as Don Felipe, dressed in military uniform, left the stage where he was next to Doña Letizia to join his former colleagues: he accepted the Spanish flag, the first to do so, as his symbol. Renewed commitment to it and to Spain.

Felipe VI and Letizia at the 40th anniversary of the swearing-in of King's graduates at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza.

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It is the third time that the King has taken the constitutional oath: the first time when the Prince was then 17 years old, in October 1985, in front of the King, Queen Emeritus and other members of the royal family, and the second time when his class celebrated its 25th anniversary, in 2010. , with Letizia, Princess of Asturias, as witness. A kind of ritual that is part of the academy's spirit and that will be repeated 10 years later. The king maintains a close relationship with his colleagues, with whom he exchanged chats and photos on Saturday to celebrate the day.

Felipe VI accepts the flag.


It was an important day for the king also for another reason, because in a sense he was able to share it with his eldest daughter. there Princess Leonor She lived from within the oath of her father's knowledge as a student at the Military Academy in Zaragoza, where she entered last August and where she took the oath herself in October 2023. Student Leonor, who wore the military uniform of the Spanish Army consisting of red trousers with dark side stripes, a blue jacket with double gold buttons and a pink hat. With a red feather, he paraded into the academy's parade ground with his fellow students.