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Netanyahu Kiryat Shmona
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Netanyahu threatens ‘extremely powerful action’ in response to Hezbollah escalations

Netanyahu Kiryat Shmona

President Herzog said ‘world shouldn’t be surprised’ when Israel retaliates for increasing rocket attacks that “violate all international agreements.’

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened Hezbollah Wednesday with strong IDF retaliation after on one of its drones hit a soccer field in the Druze village of Hurfeish, injuring 11 Israelis, one seriously.

“We’re ready for extremely powerful action in the north,” he said during a tour of the northern town of Kiryat Shmona, which was been hit especially hard during the recent sharp rise of rocket and UAV fire launched by the Iranian proxy terror organization from Lebanon.

On Saturday a heavy, Burkan missile caused what the IDF called “enormous damage” to infrastructure of an airbase in the town and damaged a nearby mall, although no one was hurt.

“Yesterday, the land burned here,” the prime minister said, referring to large fires ignited by falling missiles near the almost fully-evacuated town.

In a hint to Israeli airstrikes in response, he added, “But the land also burned in Lebanon.”

“Anyone who thinks they can harm us and we will sit on our hands is making a big mistake,” he noted. “One way or another, we will restore security in the north.”

President Isaac Herzog told the world at a Jerusalem Day ceremony that it should not be surprised by any Israeli military action against the terrorists in the north, because “This terrorist aggression must be stopped.”

“I turn from here to the international community and its leaders and emphasize – one cannot remain indifferent to this terrorism, from Lebanon and in general. Israel is being attacked daily, for many months already, by Iran’s proxies in Lebanon, in flagrant violation of all international agreements and resolutions,” he said.

“The world needs to wake up and understand that Israel has no choice but to protect its citizens. It should come as no surprise when it does so, strongly and aggressively. Don’t come to us with complaints when the situation goes out of control.”

Netanyahu is coming under increasing pressure from representatives of tens of thousands of northern residents angered their evacuation to hotels nearly eight months ago due to the danger, who have been kept in limbo, fearful for their property, livelihoods, and the damage it is causing to their children’s education and mental health.

Members of his own Likud party have also started demanding that Hezbollah be taken care of militarily since diplomatic efforts, which have involved both France and the United States talking indirectly to Hezbollah through Lebanese officials, have failed to deter them.

At Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar told Netanyahu that “The time has come to say clearly: Postponing the campaign to destroy Hamas brought us the October 7 disaster. Postponing the campaign to destroy Hezbollah’s capabilities will bring us a greater and more terrible disaster, and we are already paying a heavy price, with the peak is still ahead of us.”

“It’s time to stop the procrastination,” he said.

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