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Psalm 83: A Vision on How to Pray in War

Psalm 83: A Vision on How to Pray in War

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It’s a very, very strategic time, obviously, in Jerusalem, as we’re coming into eighty days of the war. If I remember correctly, today on Wednesday is day 82, which means tomorrow would be day 83. And, of course, Psalm 83 has been a very, very, very key scripture to all of this.

God is Not Silent

Here, Asaph reveals the redemptive heart of God. He describes a great war. Whether right now this is scripture’s final fulfillment I don’t know, but it’s clearly at least a partial fulfillment.

An alliance of peoples came against Israel and said, Let us possess the pasture lands of God, and thought God wouldn’t do anything about it.

But God rises in Psalm 83 and pursues them with his tempest, His storm. He pursues them with His fire.

But the end goal of God is made very clear in Psalm 83. That is, the nations, those people who’ve come against Israel, will begin to seek the name of the Lord.

And so God intervenes so that they will seek His name, not to wipe them out, but to wake them up. He shows them that they’re serving the wrong God and compels them to begin to question the name of this God.

A lot of these terrorists think their God is greater. But the God of Israel, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the nations, the king of Jerusalem, is greater, obviously, than any false God that has ever tried to exert its influence.

Let Them Know You, Whose Name Is the Lord

So Psalm 83 presents a time when the Lord is intervening in miraculous ways. And I believe we’re to pray and believe the Lord for even more clear miracles.

We’ve heard various reports, and I’m sure you’ve all seen some of them on YouTube, of great miracles and angelic interventions. But we want the Lord to intervene in such a way that only He is given the glory and only His name is lifted high.

Everyone in Israel just has to say, God saved us. And all the surrounding nations have to say, who is this God?

Then, theyll seek to know His name and seek to know who He is.

So, the title of what I’m sharing today would give a prophetic prayer perspective on the Hamas-Israel war. And I think it’s very important that we use the terminology our government is using.

This is not a Gaza-Israel war. This is a Hamas-Israel war. And this is war with a terrorist entity that is very obviously demonically inspired. So, our part in worship and in prayer is so important because it’s not just a physical battle, as we all know.

Ultimately, we don’t fight flesh and blood. There is a ground battle. But when Moses was on the mountaintop, and Aaron and Hur held up his hands, if his hands would grow weary, their hands probably also grew weary holding up his hands.

And if their hands grew weary, know the title of the battle turned on the ground, and then they put their arms back up, which again, is reaching out, saying, our only hope is you, Lord. When his arms were up, then the battle would turn in their favor.

You are the Most High Over all the Earth

I think it’s very important as intercessors that we’re not always praying in reaction to what’s already happening. We’ve talked a lot about that here, so I won’t go into length on that. But in the Hebrew understanding, in the scriptures, there are three heavens:

The first heaven is what we see around us. Things like news, things like events, circumstances. The second heaven is the area of the angelic and demonic battles that Daniel describes so well in Daniel 10.

And then the third heaven is the highest.

Heaven is the throne of God. When he says in Ephesians, We are seated in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus, in Yeshua, the Messiah, he’s not talking about the second heaven. He’s saying we’re even above that.

So, as we worship the Lord, it’s worth waiting for the Lord to hear His voice. As we worship, as we wait on the Lord, we can believe that He will enable us not just to kind of try to put pieces together in our own understanding of the scripture, but to say, Lord, what are you doing?

Like the men of Issachar, we should understand the times and the seasons.

It’s interesting the great experts of prophecy at the time of Yeshua understood clearly certain things. For example, He’d be born in Bethlehem. But they missed Him. Why? Because he didn’t fit in their box of what the Messiah would be like.

They had this all boxed and figured out, and he didn’t do it exactly the way they thought at the time they would. And so they missed Him.

But Anna and Simeon, who were ministering to the Lord daily in the temple and in the temple courtyard, were waiting upon the Lord and they were right on time.

I mean, even for his grief, for his circumcision, right there, that’s what we’re asking for. We’re saying, Lord, help us become more and more sensitive to your voice, not just know the generalities.

Make Them Like Tumbleweed

It is important to know the generalities of what God will do in the scriptures. But we also need to realize it’s very easy for men to get fixated on the wrong place or the wrong timing.

The ones who understood a lot understood Jesus would be born in Bethlehem, but they missed Him because everything didn’t fit their box and their timing. That’s why we need to continually say, Lord, help me to understand, where are we right now? What are you doing right now?

And what he is doing is he’s checkmating the devil.

He’s way ahead of the devil. He’s got it all planned out like a master chess player. He knows this one. I’ll move, period. And he’ll move, period. Then I’ll move, period. He’ll move, period. Then I will checkmate him.

So we know we’re coming into that final checkmate, and that gives us a rest. It’s not like it all depends on me and my getting it right in prayer, but He allows us to participate in Him. He shares his chess moves with us and lets us pray and claim on earth what He’s going to move and what He’s going to do.

So, I want to share some things that have been born out in waiting on the Lord in worship and prayer here in Succat Hallel. And again, obviously, these things are submitted to the body of Christ worldwide to judge, serve, and help us understand.
But I do feel that importance because many are writing to say, well, what is the Lord speaking here in Jerusalem? How should we be praying right now? Not just the news, the first heaven, or even the second heaven, realizing what’s going on demonically, but from a third heaven. What is God saying?

What is God doing? What is his long-term plan?

So, I’d like to start with a vision the Lord gave on April 10. I feel this prophetic timeline about this war came during the week before Passover. Just before Passover, we were worshiping and waiting on normal Monday morning watch.

Cover Them in Shame, Lord

And the Lord gave me a very, very clear vision. And in that vision, because I was saying, lord, how are we to pray, because Israel seems so divided right now. You remember, it seems like a long time ago, but it wasn’t that long ago. There was this tremendous division and all kinds of things going on in the country.

And I felt like the Lord said, don’t pray to stop all of that. Pray that in their weakness, they will cry out to me.

And I felt the Lord say, I am bringing Israel into a season of great weakness and great dependence.

And he gave me a vision of Him coming like a cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night. And he was going to individual Israelis, but they were different groupings of society.

This one was in a secular group. This was an orthodox. This was ultra-orthodox. This was Christian Arab. This was this. All the different mosaics of our society here.

He would go to these different groups, and He’d find an individual who was hungry, and He would buy his cloud and fire. He would draw them down all the way to Gilgal.

Now, Gilgal is the lowest place on the earth in the plains of Jericho.

It’s where Israel crossed over, you’ll remember, with a great miracle. The scriptures describe it as being during flood season and the water standing still. They cross over on dry land, this great miracle.

But then the first thing they face is Jericho.

One of the meanings of Jericho is a city of the moon god. And so they’re facing the save the body powers we’re facing today, the powers that are the moon god, the false moon god. And it’s a formidable fortress, probably the best-fortified city in the whole world at that time, and a great army.

And what does God tell them to do? He tests them on obedience because of what happened to the previous generation. That generation perished because they wouldn’t obey the voice of the Lord. They wouldn’t believe he could do what he said he could do, other than Joshua and Caleb.

Interestingly, Caleb was 83 when he said, give me this mountain with the giants. Give me the hardest one. I’ll take that one at 83. But mostly, the generation perished because they would not believe God. They disobeyed because they didn’t believe Him.

For the whole 40 years, they had not circumcised their baby boys as they were two under the covenant of Abraham. Again, disobedience on their part. And so here you have everyone 40 years old and younger is circumcised.

Now, when someone is circumcised as an adult, it’s much more serious than a baby. It takes days to recover. It takes days. I mean, you can barely walk for days, let alone fight a huge war, and so here you’ve got all your big, strong fighting men, 40 and under, and they’re all incapacitated.

They’re all in a place of absolute weakness, a place of absolute dependence. But they listen, and God tells them what to do, and it makes no sense.

So you know, the whole story of the seven days marching around and in silence, and then on the 7th day, the seven times, and then they give the shout. And the Hebrew doesn’t have the idea so much that the walls collapsed as if the walls were more like just pressed into the ground.

To me, it’s like a big angel just leaned over and said, I think I’ll put that wall down in the ground and then down went the walls. And so they just went straight in, and they just took the spoils. And it’s an amazing thing in their point of absolute weakness, because they cried out to God, because they trusted God, because they obeyed God and believed what he said to do, God gave them the victory.

Do Not Stand Aloof, O God

So in my vision, they’re all coming down to this place, the plains of Jericho, this place of total weakness, And as they are there, I hear them crying out to the Lord.

And as they cry out to the Lord, He begins to reveal who He is to them. And then I saw them go just right by Gilgal, the baptismal site. That’s almost certain. That is certainly actually, according to, if you follow what the scriptures say about it, where Yeshua would have been baptized Himself by John the Baptist, His cousin.

And so you have this lowest place on earth. That totally makes sense. He would go to the lowest place on earth to humble Himself even further, the one who had no sin being immersed in water, but giving an example to Israel of the importance of being washed clean of their sins.

So, in the vision, they’re all coming down to this place. And as they do, I see them then begin to go into the waters. And Yeshua Himself is immersing them in water, putting them under the waters. But, interestingly, when they came up in the vision, I saw Him take water and just scoop it and sprinkle it over their heads.

And it reminded me of the scripture in Ezekiel 36, where He says, after he regathers Israel, and He begins to work, He says, I will circumcise their hearts.

He says, I will take out their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh, and then I will sprinkle clean water on them.

In the vision, I saw Him actually go to each one with a scalpel, and He would take this scalpel, and He would go right around their heart like this with the scalpel. And then it would fall. The hardness, the rock-like encasement around that heart, would fall like this, and then it would roll away.

And, of course, Gilgal has to do with circles, with wheels rolling. The Hebrew translates as circle of stones. So in this vision, he’s actually cutting like that, and they become like circles, like wheels that they start rolling away.

Now, after the vision was over, I had shared it, and some of you know Kerry Teplinsky was part of our community there overseas right now, coming back soon, and he’s a heart surgeon. He was the head of a cardiac department in a large Los Angeles hospital for 400 doctors under him. So he knows a little bit about heart surgery.

And he came to me and said, Rick, do you know what you described is a procedure? Well, I said, no, I have no idea. I’m not a doctor.

And he said we have a procedure where many times older people will develop a hardening around their heart. A hard sac forms around their heart, and their heart can’t function fully because of this hard, rock-like encasement. And he said, what do we do?

He said, I take the scalpel, and we go right around exactly like you described, right where you described it. And then the two halves fall off.

Okay. Wow. That’s encouraging.

So, in this vision, He was beginning to circumcise the hearts, take away the hardness of hearts in Israel, and then sprinkle clean water upon them.

Very soon after that, we went on a prayer assignment in April down to Gilead. We went up that slide, and there was a whole group of us that were there and had an amazing time of prayer.

On April 28th, there was like a tunnel, and there were these people from the nations, and they were prophesying over Jewish and Arab young people from Israel.

And they’ve proven archeologically that that is the site of Gilgal, actually, where they hit what was called the hill of the forest king is very near there, but it’s a private kibbutz. So, we get special permission to enter an amazing time of prayer and prophetic proclamation that day. That was the 28th.

Then we came home, and the next day, we had to go back down again because we were going to a baptism. And the person that was getting baptized said, you know what? I’ve been praying.

He said I’ve been praying that it will rain when I get immersed. Okay? Now, that would be very unusual in Israel at this time of year. Down in the desert, there’s no sign of rain.

But we didn’t say that back then. We said, well, praise God, we’re with you. And we just were there with many others, just waiting for him to come out of the water. And As he was baptized, it started sprinkling rain, and it rained for about three minutHe said I’d been praying that it would rain when I got, until he got out of the water.

Then the rain stopped. I mean, it’s already a miracle to have rain, but to have the rain right as he goes under the water, it started raining, and then he comes back up, it goes out, and then the rain stops.

So, God heard his prayers.

Terrify Them with Your Storm, As Fire Consumes the Forest

So that was in April. Then, on September 20 this year, I’ve been asked to share at the all nations convocation. This is about two and a half weeks before the October 7 massacre. And it’s the season of Rosh Hashanah, now the feast of trumpets.

And so they asked if I am amongst some others would just share, what do you feel the Lord is saying this year? And I released a prophetic word I felt the Lord had shown me.

What I said is that this will be a season of sudden storms that will uproot evil leaders and systems. And I felt like the Lord said that storms expose roots, their shakings expose roots, and greater shakings uproot. And I said, we’ve been in a time of shakings, but we’re going to a time of greater shakings, where now things will not just be exposed; they will actually be uprooted.

Things that before were only exposed will now be uprooted, and this will be a season of sudden storms. But the goal of God allowing that storm is not just to expose but to actually uproot. And I think that’s very, very key right now. Things that were only exposed before will now be uprooted, and this will be a season of sudden storms.

All of you in the room have been praying with us that Israel will not stop short of a full uprooting of this demonic entity called Hamas, that every plant that my father has not planted, shall be uprooted, and declaring that over and over, normally, under the pressure of the nations, Israel would just prune Hamas.

Well, a year or two later, they have more missiles, more tunnels, more terrorists, and it’s pruning after pruning after pruning. So it would be stupid to prune again, lose a lot of soldiers’ lives pruning, and then two years from now, it’s even worse.

And so that’s what the Lord has spoken so clearly at the feast of trumpets that He will allow sudden storms to bring this time an uprooting of evil leaders and of evil systems.

Then, if we fast forward to December 12th, we were in a gathering, and I had a second vision.

And these people are being sprinkled with clean water, having their hearts circumcised. All this is happening on the plain of Gilgal, this place of total weakness and crying out to the Lord.

And suddenly rising out of Gilgal, I saw these wheels of fire. And they went into the air, and they went to the north, the south, the east, and the west. And each ring of fire looked almost like a frisbee you might throw, but it was a ring of fire.

And as the ring of fire would go out in each of those directions, I began to hear the Lord say that the time had come. Here are His exact words: The cup of iniquity of the jihadists and terrorists has now been filled up, and I am releasing my fire to pursue those who will not repent.

I felt the spirit of the fear of the Lord as I shared that. But the other leaders there confirmed this afterward, and I feel it again today.

It’s a fearful thing when God releases his fire, but his judgments come upon the earth so that the nations will learn righteousness again. It’s all redemptive.

Much of the modern Western church just won’t even use the word judgment anymore. Well, that’s something God used to do. But, hello, read the book of Revelation. He’s not finished. But his judgments come upon the earth so that the nations will learn righteousness.

They have a redemptive purpose to awaken them that they’re under the wrong God, who is a demonic God, and they need to wake into the true and living God.

So, to go back to this part two vision, I saw that as these circles went out of fire, they became like a lasso. Now, lassos, for those who have not watched many westerns, is what a cowboy uses. Its like a circle at the end of the rope. My biological great-grandfather was actually a cowboy, and I have a picture of him with his lasso on his horse.

He was a real cowboy, not a Hollywood cowboy. They take this lasso, and if theyre riding along and a steer begins to go in the wrong direction, they just throw it, and it goes around the neck of that steer. And then the knot is such a way that it tightens on the neck, and they just pull that steer in.

So in this vision, these circles of fire, again, are circles coming out from Gilgal, a place of circles, wheels. And these wheels of fire go out. And then they become like a lasso, like a rope.

And in the vision, I saw that terrorists who had not repented this lasso of fire went after them. God gave them opportunities, just like he gave Pharaoh many, many opportunities before the final judgments.

I saw that some of these terrorists thought that they could escape this all-consuming wheel of fire. But it pursued them, even into the tunnels.

The Lord is so patient. He gives opportunity after opportunity. In fact, one reason Israel could not enter into the promised land earlier was because he said the cup of iniquity of the Canaanites was not yet full. Now, they were horrible, demonic people doing things very similar to what happened on October 7th.

You would say, well, Lord, how could it not be full? But only he knows when it’s full. And so he gave them another 400 years for the cup of iniquity to fill. And when they did not turn or repent in any way, then the cup of judgment was poured out upon the Canaanites.

And so I felt he was saying, I’ve given terrorists a long time to repent. I’ve been very, very patient. But I felt the Lord was saying, that the cup is full on December 12th..

Now, most of you are aware, two days ago there was a major general in Iran who was eliminated, who was a source of a huge amount of the weapons of terror and destruction that are coming in through Syria into places like Lebanon.

When Gods Enemies Growl, Praying Psalm 83

And it’s very important that we, as intercessors, learn that God does not command uprooting without planting. If the stronghold is only torn down, another one can be built up. If an unclean spirit goes out and the person is not filled with the Holy Spirit, seven more can come back to the empty place.

So, as intercessors, we’re not just supposed to uproot. We’re called also to plant.

In Jeremiah 1:9-12, it says, then “The Lord reached out his hand, and he touched my mouth, and he said to me, I have put my words in your mouth, and that’s really key.

It’s the power of proclaiming what God has said. It’s not just because I proclaim that it’s going to happen. I can’t make anything happen by proclaiming it, but I can wait on the Lord. And when he put his words in my mouth, then I proclaim it. Very clear difference here.

Then He says, See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms. Jeremiah is very young in the context. He says, but I’m just a young man. It’s usually the word used in Hebrew more for a late teenager or perhaps early adulthood. He’s just a young guy.

And God said I’m appointing you over these kings and rulers. They may think they’re big shots, but really, I’m going to call the shots through you by putting my words in your mouth. I will appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and to overthrow.

But then He gives the other side, which I believe we’ve not had enough revelation on. I think we need to ask the Lord to give us more revelation. How do we plant? How do we build in prayer the kingdom of God before its manifesto plan, and what do we plan?”And so I believe part of it is searching the scriptures for the redemptive calling of God upon a people or a nation.

So we need to search the scriptures for God’s redemptive plan for a nation and people and then proclaim their true identity and calling over them. This is like what happened to Peter.

What happened to Peter? Remember that Yeshua changed his name? Why did he change his name and start calling him in the modern language, Rocky? Because Peter was so up and down. If there’s anybody that was ever up and down, it was Peter.

But he called his true identity out of him, and Peter became a rock. He became a know. He became a mighty, stable man of God. But Yeshua started calling him this a long time before he was showing it his daily life.

And so we need to call out of nations and out people. It’s not a bad idea with each other to call that calling the good things we see God has for each other and call that forth out of each other and say, you know, I really see the Lord has this calling on you. I see the Lord has this anointing on you. I see this gift in you, and just speak that into each other.

So what I’d like us to do is, first of all, to proclaim the scripture to the west over Gaza.

Many of you in the room have already been proclaiming this scripture, but I feel it’s very important those in the nations can proclaim this together with us. This is in Zechariah, 9:5-8. If you can, just proclaim this with me:

Gaza will rise in agony. And Ekron, too, for her hope will wither. Gaza will lose her king. And I will put an end to the bride of the Philistines. I will take the blood from their mouths, the forbidden food from between their teeth. Those who are left will belong to our God and become a clan in Judah.

And Ekron will be like the Jebusites. But I will encamp at my temple and guard it. Never again will an oppressor overrun my people. For now, I keep watch.

This is a scripture for right now, for October 7th.

Never again will I allow these oppressors to overrun my people in this way. There is a final rebellion against Yeshua where the nations come against Israel. But in this context, quite quickly, he comes to rescue Israel.

But I think he’s saying we’re in a season where things are to shift and to change.

I feel like this is the time when Gaza will lose her spiritual, demonic king. I believe God has said the cup of iniquity is full. Either they repent soon, or God will remove them. However, he chooses to do that.

Gaza will lose the spiritual king, and then its spiritual, oppressive ruler will change.

And God is redemptive. It’s so important. As intercessors, we pray for the redemptive purposes of where God is taking people and what the good is that he will bring out of evil.

Satan comes as a thief to steal, kill, and destroy. The Lord comes to give life. So, in the midst of the destruction going on, we begin to proclaim the life,

The ultimate place where these rings of fire, I believe, are headed, is to the Iranian regime. And it’s so important, again, we separate the regime from the people.

Let’s proclaim from Jeremiah, chapter 49, verses 35 through 39:

This is what the Lord Almighty said. See, I will break the bow of Elam, the main seal of their might. I will bring Elam the four winds from the four quarters of heaven. I will shatter Elam before their foes. I will pursue them with the sword until I have made an end of them. I will set up my throne in Elam and destroy her king and officials, declares the Lord. Yes, I will restore the fortress of Elam in days to come, says the Lord.

So That They Will Seek Gods Name

So again, it’s the judgment and the redemptive. This is the long-term plan of God.

Now, if we begin to go to the south, to the Arabian peninsula, Yemen, of course, is a lot in the news right now, what’s happening there. If we have time, I may share a little bit about Sudan at the end, which is also important to the south concerning our neighbors.

But all of the Arabian peninsula and Egypt are very, very important in what God is doing at this particular time. And so I wanted to share. Some have seen this before, but others have not, about a vision the Lord gave me in May 2018. And I saw Him beginning new alignments and new alliances in the Middle East.

Angels were then sent from the throne to lay highways of light from nations that were aligning with Jerusalem. In other words, sheep nations will not be limited to ones outside the Middle East.

There are going to be Middle Eastern nations that will be sheep nations when Jesus comes back. I believe it with all my heart.

So, in this vision, I began to see certain nations that were beginning to turn. It doesn’t mean they fully turned, but they were beginning to turn their heart toward Jerusalem and toward Israel that these highways of light joined into.

Then the highway came in through the David’s harp bridge at the entrance of Jerusalem, which is interesting. And these new highways were like a new web. It’s like evil. Old spider webs have been removed, and these new lines were lines of light.

Now, does that mean there can be no mixture? No, it doesn’t mean that for a period of time. And we all know that He said Egypt will become my people.

So many of these things that people have kept in the millennium, I really believe, begin now before he returns and have a real increase before they have a final completion and fulfillment when he returns.

So, in these lines of blessing, I saw highways of light developI put this out there in 2018from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Bahrain. At the time, that was really going out on a limb. There were no external signs to encourage that any of this was from the Lord.

So I was saying, Well, Lord, I’m out there now. I’ve shared what I felt you showed me. And then, there was a sudden announcement on September 15, 2020, that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain had signed the Abraham Accords and had committed to peace with Israel.

And it’s interesting if you compare when the scriptures say those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Well, Damascus has been one of the ones that has cursed Israel more than anyone, and Damascus is rubble. A huge part of Damascus is now destroyed. Dubai has blessed Israel. And last year, they put something like $10 billion into the Israeli economy.

Now, does that mean there are not some people who say, well, no, these are just evil alliances? I need to go publicly and say I do not believe they are evil alliances. I believe God is building a highway of light. I believe evil powers can try to take advantage of that highway, but these alliances are not evil.

So I believe there’s an Isaiah 19 highway. But I also believe there’s also an Isaiah 60 highway. And the Isaiah 60 highway is what I’ll share with you right now. In Isaiah, chapter 60, verses six through seven, he says, A multitude of camels will cover your land, the young camels of Midian and Ephrah. Here, Isaiah addresses Jerusalem, not just Israel, but Jerusalem.

Now, what does that mean? This prophecy of Isaiah is a symbol of business, as at the time all business was conducted through camels. And so he’s basically predicting renewed economic ties between Israel and the Arabian peninsula because he says, they’re from Midian, Ephah, and from Sheba. :

Sheba will come bearing gold and incense and proclaiming the praise of the Lord. Kedar’s flocks will be gathered to you, the rams of Nebaioth shall minister to you, and I will make my temple glorious.

In other words, what he’s saying is if you take the map of Saudi Arabia, every place he describes there was in the Arabian peninsula. In that time, there’ll be renewed economic ties with on the peninsula. And he said it won’t stop there. They won’t just bring gold and incense. He said they would also bring praise to the lord of Jerusalem.

Thats where we’re at. So, everybody get ready for some Saudis to come into the room. Get ready for some Emirates to come in the room, because as Psalm 83 makes clear God is intending to shame the nations so that they will know He alone is most high over all the earth.

So we need to pray that God will restore his name in all the earth and bless those who seek Him.