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Red Alert: News to You, 228 days

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-Amy Zewe

Continuing to inform, educate, and activate Christians in their support for Israel and the Jewish people, welcome to The Red Alert’s News to YOU

Today marks 228 days since Oct. 7, 2023 (seven and a half months!). Two nights ago, I had the honor to meet with kibbutzim survivors and family members of hostages held captive in Gaza. These people bravely shared their harrowing stories and wept for the return of their loved ones. For those held captive, the plea is for the return—but the return plea from 4, 5, or 6 months ago was filled with more optimism of having them return to continue their lives. This week, the appeal included the yearning for the bodies. Not knowing their loved one’s whereabouts or circumstance, for them, is worse than learning an irreversible fate.   We prayed with them and for them. We lifted each victim to Yahweh by name so that the Keeper of Israel who neither sleeps nor slumbers may hear the fervent prayers and move mightily in the land so captives may be recused or released. We prayed for the Israeli Defense Forces so that each member may hear the whisper of God’s leading and with the faith of their forefathers, navigate the hostile terrain to choose life—preserve life—and honor life. These travel-weary sojourners told us they “feel our hugs” from afar and they are encouraged by our voices even when they are not with us. (For more stories, go to Bring them home now : Israeli hostages taken by Hamas.)

One young man shared a Hamas video that captured a glimpse of his brother in Gaza, He also said reports from released Hostages said they saw his brother in the tunnels. He is filled with hope! And while this young man pleaded for all the help he could for our prayers and influence to manifest with the release of his brother, he said, “Nobody wins in war. In war, everybody loses.” His brother was captured while on military maneuvers in response to Oct. 7. His tank unit was overtaken and several of the soldiers were confirmed lost. But hope remains for the brother. 

As I sat in this small living room in Washington, DC., in this private home near the Embassy of Israel. Palestinian flags and posters scrawled with lies about Israel peppered the background. I ached that our guests had to walk through this litter to find refuge in this cozy living room. I heard survivors share how they huddled in safe rooms for over 16 hours with no food, no water, no electricity, and no light. They sat in a fear-induced silence and heard gunshots outside their walls and shouts in Arabic. One woman shared how her husband manually, with all his might held, the door shut the saferoom as multiple waves of terrorists tried to gain entry—thankfully, they eventually gave up. But, as they sat in terror, not knowing what horror their community members were experiencing, they said their goodbyes to each other and awaited their fate—until the army came to rescue them.

I share just a few of the personal testimonies I heard this week so you can know what I know in light of the news. Social media feeds host videos and images of Nazi-like gangsters and Isis-inspired throngs calling for the demise of Israel and its people. You can know the difference between choosing life or death. The narrow way or popular way. And so you can stand firm in the wake of Oct. 7 denial now permeating the public square. The wish of the men and women who visited with me this week is that their stories are not lost or forgotten, that their loved ones are returned, and that the deniers cannot control the narrative. 

One hostage taken from a Kibbutzim, as witnessed by his very family, is a 75-year-old Holocaust educator named Alex. He was part of the founding organization that takes Israelis to Poland for educational tours. He grew up with no extended family. It was his parents and his sister and him during his growing up years in Israel. That is all. No aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents—all perished and are lost somewhere in Europe. He always laminated the fact that he had no grave to go to. Nowhere to know where his family members lie. His son went on to explain that his pain now includes the fact that if his father has passed, he is in the very situation his father mourned: no burial, no grave to mark, no place to rest. 

As you consider what you see on the mainstream news and social media, compare that to what we share here. You will find links to recent news and commentary reports that should shed light on truth or clarity to news that is incomplete or otherwise overlooked or omitted.  As we look at the global stage, we must remember that God knows the number of hairs on each of his children—the whereabouts of all, and the sorrow of each. 

North America:

  • AJC’s Call to Action Against Antisemitism | AJC “More than 6 in 10 American Jews (63%) say the status of Jews in the United States is less secure than a year ago. This percentage has doubled in two years! Almost half (46%) of American Jews changed their behavior in at least one way out of fear of antisemitism. When societies cannot protect their Jewish populations, they often fail to protect their democracy as well.”
    • Read the full report here. The State of Antisemitism in America 2023 | AJC
  • Biden State Dept. Sends Iran Condolences Over Death of “Butcher of Iran” – Israel365 News
  • Police break up University of Michigan encampment; New School to hold divestment vote | The Times of Israel
  • Deception at Harvard University—a congressional report via Algemeiner 
  • Antisemitism on College Campuses: Hillel Tracker report 
  • Antisemitism in Canada—Envoy Report  (and it’s getting worse!)
  • A dramatic rise in antisemitic incidents in Canada CP24 News 

Israel and the Middle East:

  • Israel celebrates 76th Independence Day in shadow of Hamas war – Israel365 News
  • While Hamas mourns, some ordinary Gazans celebrate Raisi’s death | World Israel News
  • Israel seizes AP equipment, says agency is supplying services to banned Al Jazeera | The Times of Israel
  • Media Outlets’ Blind Acceptance of Hamas Lying Casualty Reports. 

Europe and other parts of the world:

  • I24News Antisemitism in front of Munich Synagogue 
  • I24News: Austria Unblocks UNRWA Funds
  • South Africa calls for Israel out of Gaza Haaretz
  • Pro-Palestinian Protests Across Europe -Various responses taken Haaretz
  • Anti-Israel activists to protest Supernova massacre documentary in London  JPost
  • Confiscated Hamas commander’s Mein Kampf presented at Hungarian Holocaust memorial event JPost

The UN and other International Agencies:

  • WATCH: What the ICC’s arrest warrant really means | World Israel News
  • What is the potential fallout from the ICC’s seeking arrests of Israeli PM Netanyahu, DM Gallant? | All Israel News
  • The UN’s Gaza Statistics Make No Sense The Atlantic
  • UN Drastically Revises Down Gaza Casualty Numbers Times of Israel


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The post Red Alert: News to You, 228 days first appeared on The Jerusalem Connection Report.

The post Red Alert: News to You, 228 days appeared first on The Jerusalem Connection Report.