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Red Alert: What is the real story?
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Red Alert: Reconciliation? What does that mean to you?

By Amy Zewe

You may have heard about or even seen the recent feature film, One Life, starring Anthony Hopkins. This film chronicles the life of one of the initiators of the Kindertransport, an effort to save Jewish Children living under Hitler’s Nazi regime and subject to certain death. That effort, with but a few brave coordinators, saved 10,000 children. Keep in mind that over 1.5 million children were murdered by the Nazis simply for being Jewish. So less than 1% of the targeted children were rescued by this initiative: A true remnant.

It may be hard to wrap our heads around what those 10,000 children went through. How did they grow up and what became of them? How did they process their trauma? Did they have resentment towards parents who apparently abandoned them? What might young children think when their parents put them on a train for a “trip” as they peered through soot-laden windows? Perhaps only then had they realized it was their last glance at what they thought were parents who loved them without end.

Today, Hanna Miley, child number 8814 of the 10,000 (or so) recused by the Kindertransport, joins the Red Alert to share her experience and wisdom. As a child survivor of the Holocaust via the Kindertransport initiative, Hanna’s parents made the ultimate act of sacrificial love by giving up their only beloved daughter when they knew it would be the only way to save her. Her journey includes several episodes of reconciliation. Hanna’s unique perspective as a child survivor of Hitler, a Jewish believer in Yeshua, and the manifestation of how God reaches out to each of us individually (and to all of us collectively) is one we can all treasure and learn from. In her nineties, Hanna leverages Instagram in her global outreach, actively engages in Holocaust preservation and educational activities and organizations, and is the subject of an upcoming documentary titled “8814.”

Hanna’s faith journey and life work are enthusiastically shared with us here at The Jerusalem Connection in today’s episode. Shelley and I invite you to join us to hear about her journey. Be moved by her words of wisdom, warning, hope, and yes, reconciliation.

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The post Red Alert: Reconciliation? What does that mean to you? first appeared on The Jerusalem Connection Report.

The post Red Alert: Reconciliation? What does that mean to you? appeared first on The Jerusalem Connection Report.