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Red Alert: What to Pray when you Pray for Israel…

What to Pray when you Pray for Israel…

Imagine what was once your quiet and peaceful home or workplace suddenly being bombarded with screeching siren noises and bellowing voices screaming lies about you and your family—right outside your front door. Imagine strangers coming into your neighborhood with horrible images of violence and shouting to all your neighbors that you are the source of these pictures—all while waiving the flags that call for your demise. Imagine calling the authorities for help to restore peace, and they tell you there is nothing they can do.  This is what life is like in a residential part of Northwest Washington, DC, where several Embassies are housed—including the Israeli Embassy, upon whose front door these hostilities are occurring. 

This week’s episode is videos and images from the May 3, 2024, Christian Solidarity Prayer Breakfast at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. You will see and hear inspirational prayers, moving testimony, and encouraging resolve, all based on biblical principles.

The ICEJ, together with other Christian Zionist organizations, started these Christian Solidarity Prayer Breakfasts in the early 2000s. Our last Prayer Breakfast was in 2019 as COVID interrupted the cadence. This is the first Prayer Breakfast since Oct. 7, 2023….so clearly, our focus this year was far more precise in our petitions to the Lord and our reliance on His promises.

You may also notice the excessive background noise sustained during the prayers and speakers. A new, seemingly acceptable, form of intimidation is active in Washington, D.C. (on college campuses as well).  Protestors against Israel break zoning and noise decibel laws (and decency laws) in their effort to be a constant thorn in the collective side of the Israeli embassy, its delegates, and staff members. 

However, better voices do rise with the help of the Lord. Be encouraged by the prayers. Be praying for Israel, and the Jewish people, wherever they may be working or living (or going to school). 

Click here for the text of each prayer so you can continue to be a warrior: The Prayer for the Safety of the State of Israe*l. The Prayer for The Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Prayer for the Hostages (those held in Captivity).

*The Prayer for the Safety of the State of Israel was written in 1948 by Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel and the grandfather of Israeli President Isaac Herzog and current Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog (who so graciously hosted us on May 3). Rabbi Herzog was the Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1921-1936 and became the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine. Finally, he was the Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel from 1936 until he died in 1959. 

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The post Red Alert: What to Pray when you Pray for Israel… first appeared on The Jerusalem Connection Report.

The post Red Alert: What to Pray when you Pray for Israel… appeared first on The Jerusalem Connection Report.