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Spain, corruption investigations into the wife of Prime Minister Sanchez. It's a storm, are you going to quit? – the weather

Storm and chaos in Spain. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has canceled his public schedule and is considering whether to resign because his wife, Begona Gomez, is under investigation for corruption and influence-peddling crimes. The political leader will announce his decision next Monday, April 29. The shocking announcement came with an open letter to citizens announced by the Prime Minister a few hours after a Madrid court opened an investigation against his wife, following a complaint from an organization called Manos Limpias. According to El Confidencial newspaper, investigators are investigating Gomez's ties to several private companies that have received government funding or won public contracts. The investigation is linked to alleged links between Gomez – who does not hold public office and keeps a low profile – with the Spanish tourism group, Globalia, which owns Air Europa. Gomez reportedly met twice with Javier Hidalgo, Globalia's CEO at the time, when the company was in negotiations with the government for a massive bailout after air traffic collapsed due to the Covid-19 crisis. In particular, Gomez allegedly met privately with Javier Hidalgo, CEO of the tourism holding company, before the Sánchez government granted the Hidalgo family's airline, Air Europa, a €475 million bailout. According to El Confidencial newspaper, Sanchez participated in the cabinet that authorized the release of the funds.

The Prime Minister expressed his regret for the “unprecedented” attack on his wife, asked himself if it was worth continuing, and added that he needed to “stop and think” with his wife. “I urgently need to answer the question of whether it is worth it, despite the quagmire into which the right and far-right intend to turn politics. Sanchez said: “Do we continue to lead the government or do we resign from this high honor?” “I'm not naive. I know very well that they are accusing Begona not because she did something illegal, because they know very well that it is not right, but because she is my wife,” the position is taken. Born in 1995 as a union of public sector employees, Manos Limpias gained notoriety due to a series of complaints on political issues. The organization includes Miguel Bernad, a controversial figure due to his ties to the far right.

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A government source told El Pais newspaper that “the professional activity of the prime minister’s wife is impeccable” and that Manos Limpias’ complaint “is based on hoaxes and fake news, and therefore lacks any legal basis and responds to the government’s strategy.” The right and the extreme right.” This controversy comes at a time of strong polarization in Spanish politics, with tensions growing increasingly high after the July elections: despite the narrow result, Sánchez managed to maintain power, but he accepted an amnesty agreement in favor of the Catalan independents in exchange for their independence. Votes Carles Puigdemont's separatist party.

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