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The Netherlands assumes leadership of NATO Mission in Iraq

Baghdad ( – At a ceremony held in Baghdad on Friday, Lieutenant General Lucas Schreurs of the Netherlands assumed his responsibilities as the new commander of NATO Mission Iraq (NMI).

Schreurs is succeeding Lieutenant General Jose Antonio Aguero Martinez, the current commander of the NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI), who has held the position since May 2023, according to a statement released by NATO.

“Taking over command of the NATO Mission in Iraq is an honor and privilege for the Netherlands and for me personally,” Schreurs said during the ceremony.

“Building safety and security together is the mission’s goal for a reason, and we want to stick with it by empowering and motivating our advisors to keep meeting the requirements of our Iraqi counterparts with guidance and support,” Schreurs explained.

Martinez clarified that the advisors of NATO play a crucial role in the mission as they possess specialized expertise and knowledge.

Martinez elaborated that NATO advisors constantly communicate with their Iraqi counterparts and have established themselves in Iraqi institutions, adding that they are aware of their needs and NATO’s capacity to assist the Iraqi side.

The NMI has been undergoing a non-combat advisory and capacity-building operation since it was established in October 2018.

The NMI helps Iraq create security forces and institutions that are more resilient, open, inclusive, and efficient, aiding in promoting national stability, combating terrorism, and preventing the resurgence of ISIS terrorists.

The NMI’s work respects Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and is done with the approval of the Iraqi government.

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