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The summons ordered by the Ministry

Dishes collected by Supermarkets. A series of branded plastic products irrigation It was withdrawn from the supermarket by order Ministry Because of the risks associated health For not adhering to the rules of society.

Reasons for recalling plastic ray panels

The Ministry of Health announced that it has recalled a series of branded plastic plates of different types and sizes from supermarkets across Italy. Watering nature Because of the health risks that may be involved in its use.

The department's statement stated that the reason for the summons was:Migration rate generally exceeds permissible limits”, in violation of EU Regulation 1935 of 2004 in Article 3 letter b.

Image source: ANSA

One package is among those subject to the recall

This standard states that all products which, to be used, must come into contact with food, such as dishes, They must not release more than a very small portion of the substances of which they are composed into the food itself. So as not to harm the consumer.

What products were recalled by the Ministry of Health?

Although all products have been withdrawn from… Ministry of HealthThey are flat, and there are such large differences between different packages that supermarkets will have to remove them from shelves as quickly as possible.

Tuscan salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to salmonella: risks to humans, which batch is recalled
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Tuscan salami withdrawn from supermarket shelves due to possible presence of salmonella: what is the batch and what to do if purchased

In fact, it was the packages that were recalled 20 plates funds, From dinner plates and dessert plates, as well as T500 deep and flat plates. There is no production batch, as usually happens in the case of food products.

Therefore, when purchasing this type of product, as a precaution, the consumer should avoid using it, and if the packaging is intact, Return it to the operator Who sold it.

This is Ray's second retirement in 2024

This is not the first retreat that Ray Natura has participated in in 2024. And in January as well Ministry of Health Some plastic sheet packaging of this brand has been recalled, again due to excessive migration rate.

Unes milk from Soresina is being withdrawn by supermarkets after those under the Esselunga and Pavilat brands: "Unnatural taste"
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The plates in question have been produced, just like the ones recalled on May 17 albania, In a factory located in the city of Durazo with identification code L71325502Q.

Image source: 123RF

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