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Pro-Palestinian protests in China
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Thus, he finances the pro-PAL protests

This is behind Protests of pro-Pal youth activists There was a clearly defined plan to destabilize the United States, and the West in general, that had been clear for some time. Iranian interference was well known, as the ayatollahs were always willing to provoke American university groups by infiltrating the academic world close to the cultural milieus of the progressive, turbo-left in order to increase pressure on the United States, and thus on Israel.

This news was recently revealed by a report issued by the American NGO Network Infection Research Institute (NCRI), is that, Behind the riots in favor of the Palestinian causeWhich, after October 7, set American universities on fire. there Long hand from China Communist. According to the aforementioned report, Beijing's stated goal is to create chaos in the Western world by financing companies and organizations to influence the activities of Stars and Stripes Universities and direct them in an openly anti-Atlantic direction.

Among the pages of the report, among other things, are the various ways in which the Chinese will work to unleash chaos on American universities, as well as all the propaganda actions aimed at strengthening anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric in the West. world. The document in question will also reveal how various organized pro-Palestinian protest groups will be supported by the Singham Network, Funded by Neville Roy Singham, American millionairea former Huawei advisor, based in Shanghai and very close to the Chinese government, described him The New York Times As a “socialist donor to far-left causes.”

Not only. Because several other figures of the American progressive left based in China are said to have provided financial support to pro-Pal activist groups, led by the Shut It Down for Palestine (SID4P) movement, in order to ignite protests through sophisticated anti-Palestine means. Social media campaigns – American. These include organizations such as the People's Forum, which, according to data in the report, They would have receivedin the period between 2017 and 2022, More than $20 million from Singham across the Goldman Sachs Philanthropic Funda fund that, according to US authorities, has very close financial ties to the Dragon.

In short, the controversial report by the NGO NCRI would effectively expose China The very dense network of relationships that exists between the Chinese Communist Partythe American globalist left and pro-Bal protest organizationsHe also revealed the Dragon's true goal: to promote a “revolutionary, anti-government, anti-capitalist agenda,” as defined in the report, useful for sowing panic in the United States and undermining the stability of the entire West. Mass.

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