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UNITAD hands over a report on ISIS crimes to Iraqi judiciary

Baghdad ( – The United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh/ISIL (UNITAD) handed over a legal assessment report on ISIL’s crimes in and around the Tikrit Presidential Palace Complex, also known as the Camp Speicher Massacre.

Ana Peyro Llopis, Acting Special Adviser and Head of UNITAD, delivered the report and the bundle of underlying material cited in it to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zaidan, in his office in Baghdad.

The report covers evidence that was collected and generated by the UNITAD team, according to a statement released by UNITAD.

The report is entitled ‘Camp Speicher: A Pattern of Mass Killing and Genocidal Intent-Legal Assessment of ISIL’s crimes in and around the Tikrit Presidential Palace Complex.’

It unveils real and introductory legal findings on the massacre at the Tikrit Presidential Palaces Complex in Salah Al-Din governorate, where approximately 1700 soldiers, cadets, and volunteers fleeing the Tikrit Air Academy (also known as Camp Speicher) were mass-killed between June 12 and at least 14, 2014.

A public version of the report will be issued in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Camp Speicher Massacre to raise awareness of UNITAD’s legal conclusions.

The step supports the victims’ families’ and relatives’ efforts to seek justice and accountability.

In early 2023, the Central Criminal Court issued death sentences against 14 terrorists for their participation in the Camp Speicher Massacre in 2014.

The court said that the criminals participated in the Camp Speicher massacre by killing around 1,700 cadets of a military academy in a military base in Tikrit in Salah Al-Din governorates.

In December 2022, the Supreme Judicial Council issued a death sentence against one of those responsible for the killing of more than 600 victims of the Speicher massacre.

During their invasion of Iraqi cities in the summer of 2014, ISIS terrorists killed around 1,700 cadets in cold blood who were receiving a military course at the Speicher Air Base in Salah Al-Din governorate.

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