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Macron's plan: Escape from the Elysee towards Brussels: Bisignani's background
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“We will reopen on December 8th” – El Tiempo

French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to make clear in Berlin, as part of a state visit to Germany, that Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral will reopen its doors on December 8, as planned, after its reconstruction following the 2019 fire. “This will be a respectable date. Macron said in a debate with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the German capital, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of the German Basic Law and the 35th anniversary of the peaceful revolution that led to the disappearance of the German Democratic Republic (DDR).

In response to a question about whether his country’s authorities would adhere to the December 8 deadline for reopening Notre Dame Church, Macron reassured. “Everyone will be able to come and visit him. “It will be rebuilt,” the French President said, also recalling that France has other “major events” to face, such as the Olympic Games that Paris will host from July 26 and the Paralympics that will begin on August 28.