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Naxos (Depositphotos) -
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With 10 euros in my pocket, I went to Greece: everyone laughed at him, but they were wrong | 4-star hotel and spa included: Block promotion

Naxos (Depositphotos) –

Holidays in Greece have never been so cheap. Here you can stay this summer for a small sum

Feel like you Sun and sea? Then you can just take advantage of the great promo of Greece Valid throughout the summer. Without spending large amounts of money, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Specifically, it concernsNaxos Island The largest and most famous inCyclades Archipelago. The well-known portal I found an interesting offer that allows you to stay in the center for only 11 euros per night.

Well yes, you heard right. Much less than one Plane or train ticket For any Italian or European coastal destination. All this in a structure that, in addition to its excellent location, has a whole series of distinctive characteristics.

Let's examine all aspects of this opportunity, especially those we like sea It should not be missed under any circumstances. Here's everything you need to know about the holiday package Naxos.

Naxos at €11 per night: structure details

The chosen structure is Apartments and studios with sea views in Agia Anna Which is located directly in front of the beach. The accommodations feature a private bathroom with shower, a kitchenette, and a balcony with sea views. In the simulation proposed by the “hackers” A stay for 4 people is proposed from 7 to 8 June at €11.50 per person, for a total of €46.

Another big plus is Free parkingEspecially if you consider that these islands are mostly explored by car. In short, for minimal expenses, you will be able to have fun Stunning beachesDelicious food and immerse yourself in a culture that has ancient charm but also a beautiful outlook towards the future.

Greek Island (Depositphotos) -
Greek Island (Depositphotos) –

Possible packages and alternative dates

Obviously the dates and number of people can be changed as per your choice and until September there is widespread availability at always reasonable prices. Advertisement too August In the main phase of the season you can reach the maximum 68 euros per person per night for two people. In fact, it paid very little during that period.

So all that's left is to plan your holiday and then book. To reach the island fromItaly In any case, it is necessary to stop, but it cannot be ruled out that a few of them will appear during the summer Direct flight Or to some nearby islands.

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