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Gaza terrorist confesses to raping Israeli woman during October 7th invasion

Captured Islamic Jihad terrorist describes how he raped Israeli woman on Oct 7th.

By Environment Israel Information Personnel

A Gaza terrorist affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad motion confessed to raping an Israeli female throughout the invasion of Oct 7th, telling interrogators information about the sexual assault.

On Thursday, the IDF produced a five-minute movie clip recorded during the questioning of Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Kasem, a 28-year-aged Islamic Jihad terrorist from the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis who was captured by Israeli forces. out?v=ux6ah-6yvxQ

In the course of his interrogation, Kasem candidly describes his assaults on Israelis for the duration of October 7th, as nicely as the rape he perpetrated in opposition to an Israeli female in her home.

Kasem, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s naval assault power, described

“First point in the early morning I woke up and went to the command and control center. My mate, Mahmoud al-Khush, experienced told me to arrive,” Kasem mentioned.

He crossed the Israel-Gaza border armed with a pistol and two grenades, whilst his companion carried an AK-47, Kasem claimed.

Throughout an ensuing gun battle, Kasem ran towards a close by kibbutz.

“We walked and I acquired off ahead of the jeep and then we walked a little bit, and the individual who was with me was hit in the head,” Kasem recalled.

“Out of anxiety, I entered the kibbutz and went in the nearest household.”

Initially, Kasem mentioned, he did not see any person in the dwelling.

“But then I entered a space and there was a person there, she was frightened.”

“She was afraid of me, but questioned me to aid her. I took her and threw her on to a couch.”

When requested to describe her, he said the girl experienced “hair that wasn’t exceptionally very long – like usual – and she was skinny.”

“She was putting on a blue skirt and white shirt.”

“The satan took control of me,” Kasem ongoing, describing the rape. “I laid her down and started off to undress her. Then I did what I did. I slept with her.”

When pressed to thoroughly elaborate, Kasem admitted: “I raped her.”

“She pushed me. It did not final prolonged I listened to shouting exterior. It was two minutes, perhaps a moment and a half.”

Times afterwards, two much more terrorists burst into the house, and a further lady, possibly the rape victim’s mother, was listened to screaming.

“After we read the screams, she and I equally began to get dressed, and then these two adult men entered. They experienced uniforms of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.”

“They pulled in the girl’s mother and sat the two up coming to every single other. The lady and the mom begun comforting each and every other, from what I understood.”

“Then instantly they took the female and the woman…I stayed in the space and they still left by means of the gate they experienced entered from.”

Afterwards, Kasem mentioned he opened fire on several Israeli men, wounding just one of them.

“I read gunshots in close proximity to me, in the residences guiding me. I drew my pistol and I shot 1 [man], he fell on the flooring. A different hid, and I threw a grenade and fled the kibbutz.”

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