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Netanyahu: Calls for early elections benefit Hamas

Israeli premier pledges to go forward with Rafah procedure, slams protests demanding snap elections.

By Entire world Israel Information Personnel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back again on phone calls for snap elections, saying that a war-time vote would “paralyze” the nation for half a yr or far more and empower Hamas.

Hundreds collected outdoors of the Knesset Sunday, kicking off a series of protests in the money established to past days.

Organized by a variety of still left-wing teams, like Brothers in Arms and the Kaplan Drive, Sunday’s demonstration demanded the cancellation of the forthcoming Knesset recess, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s resignation, and snap elections.

In a televised address Sunday evening, Netanyahu turned down calls for new elections, saying a snap vote would empower Hamas and leave Israel hamstrung for six to 8 months in the midst of the ongoing war in Gaza.

“Calls for elections now through the war, a moment in advance of victory, will paralyze Israel for at the very least 6 months in my estimate, for 8 months<” Netanyahu said.

“They will paralyze the negotiations for the release of our hostages and in the end will lead to ending the war before achieving its goals and the first to commend this will be Hamas, and that says it all.”

“I reiterate: I am committed to returning all of our hostages, women and men, civilians and soldiers, the living and the victims. I will not leave even one behind.”

The Israeli premier also reiterated his pledge to move forward with the IDF’s much-anticipated ground operation into Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold in Gaza, despite opposition from the Biden administration.

“I have approved the IDF operational plan for Rafah. The IDF is prepared for the evacuation of the civilian population and for the provision of humanitarian assistance.”

“This is the right thing both operationally and internationally. This will take time but it will be done. We will enter Rafah and we will eliminate the Hamas battalions there for one simple reason: There is no victory without entering Rafah and there is no victory without eliminating the Hamas battalions there.”

“This is a fundamental part of the goals of the war, which also include returning all of our hostages.”

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