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Trump vs Biden: Latest 3 News

1. Trump attacks Jewish voters who support Biden

Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized Jewish voters who support President Joe Biden and portrayed this year's election as a referendum on the strength of Christianity in the United States, part of his sharp and persistent appeal to evangelical conservatives who are a crucial establishment element in the United States. Its political base,” she saidNews agency. Trump said: “Biden has completely lost control of the Israeli situation.” “Any Jew who votes for a Democrat or for Biden should have their head examined.”

2. Skirmishes in Ohio and Alabama

The Republican secretaries of state in Ohio and Alabama have informed Democrats that their presidential ticket may not be eligible for the ballot, because their party's convention in Chicago will arrive too late to meet the deadline. So he informs Traffic lights.

3. North Carolina would now be Toss Up, so its attribution is uncertain

A new Quinnipiac University poll in North Carolina dated April 10 shows Donald Trump barely ahead of Joe Biden in the presidential race there: forty-eight percent to forty-six percent. When the comparison is expanded to include independent and third-party candidates, Trump gets forty-one, Biden gets thirty-eight, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gets twelve, and Cornel West gets three like Jill Stein. Then the interactive consensus electoral map moved North Carolina from the Republican camp to Toss Ups.

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