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How could Iran seek to punish Israel over consulate strikes?

Paris &#8211 Iran has vowed to punish Israel above a current strike on its Damascus consulate broadly blamed on Israel, and fears are rising that an imminent reaction could hazard triggering a broader conflict.

However there are a quantity of different methods that Iran could retaliate, and not all pose the very same hazard of escalation, in accordance to industry experts.

With warnings building on Friday that a response could appear soon, France advised its citizens not to travel to Israel, the Palestinian territories, Iran or its ally Lebanon.

But specifically what comes about future most likely relies upon on how Iran chooses to carry out its retaliation, which would likely occur in opposition to the backdrop of the war amongst Israel and Hamas.

The truth that none of the governments included want to provoke an escalation does not always protect towards a whole-scale crisis breaking out, claimed David Khalfa, Center East specialist at the French consider tank Jean-Jaures Foundation.

&#8220Miscalculations are entirely feasible. Deterrence has an eminently psychological element,&#8221 he informed AFP.

&#8220The belligerents are at the mercy of any blunder or slip-up that could bring about a cascading sequence of outcomes.&#8221

The air strike that struck Iran&#8217s consulate constructing in the Syrian cash on April 1 killed 16 persons, which include 7 users of Iran&#8217s Revolutionary Guard.

The most senior figure killed was Brigadier Standard Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in the Quds Power, which runs Iran&#8217s international navy functions.

Iran and Syria have blamed the attack on Israel, which has not confirmed its involvement but is broadly considered to be responsible &#8212 like by its allies.

&#8211 &#8216Tehran does not want direct war&#8217 &#8211

&#8220Israel&#8217s air strike on the facility was intended to convey to Tehran that it will be held accountable for the steps of Hamas and other non-condition allies these types of as Lebanese Hezbollah and the Huthis in Yemen,&#8221 said the Soufan Center, a non-income organisation that analyses world wide security problems.

Following the strike, Iran&#8217s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that Israel &#8220need to be punished and will be punished&#8221.

The White Home, which has taken care of the United States would stand agency powering its ally Israel, emphasised on Friday that Iran&#8217s threats ended up &#8220true&#8221.

The US also sent its top commander for the Middle East, US Central Command chief Michael Kurilla, to Israel to chat issues above.

Iran has an arsenal capable of hitting a broad vary of Israeli targets, which include infrastructure, airports or crucial electricity output sites.

The Soufan Center reported that the posture adopted by Israel and the United States &#8220implies they hope Tehran to carry out its assault using its arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles, as nicely as armed drones&#8221.

But since the consulate assault, Iran has remained imprecise about accurately how it will answer.

Eva Koulouriotis, an unbiased Middle East analyst, reported: &#8220Iran is nonetheless threatening to answer while sending regional and intercontinental messages that it is searching for a political solution different to a armed forces response. 

&#8220What is certain is that Tehran does not want a direct war with Israel, at minimum at the current stage,&#8221 she told AFP.

&#8211 &#8216Only terrible options&#8217 &#8211

Iran is &#8220experiencing a problem,&#8221 Michel Duclos, a previous French diplomat, wrote on the site of the Institut Montaigne consider tank.

&#8220It is undoubtably not sure plenty of of its power that it could take into account an escalation with Israel with a mild heart,&#8221 he wrote.

&#8220If having said that it does not react, it pitfalls getting rid of some reliability in the area, like amid armed groups who pledge allegiance&#8221 to Iran, he extra.

Iran sponsors armed teams in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon which make up the so-known as &#8220Axis of Resistance&#8221 from Israel and they appear to be to be on the entrance line extra than at any time, mentioned Farzan Sabet, an analyst at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

Iran could perhaps answer by requesting these groups ramp up the number of their attacks, or enhance weapon deliveries, Sabet wrote on X. 

&#8220This choice is additional deniable, reduce political cost, and less possibility of direct blowback.&#8221

Other feasible selections like a strike in opposition to Israeli diplomatic missions abroad, which would have the downside of involving a 3rd region. 

Iran could also try &#8220terrorist attacks on US diplomatic facilities in or exterior the area,&#8221 the Soufan Heart said.

Khalfa explained that with the April 1 strike, &#8220Israel preferred to adjust the guidelines of the activity by hitting the head of the octopus, not just its tentacles, to force Iran out of the shadow war.&#8221

Now, &#8220the Iranians only have negative options at their disposal,&#8221 he included.

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