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Smart speed bumps -
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Smart Speed ​​Bumps, Now You'll Avoid Lots of Fatalities: Here's How They Work | seeing is believing

Smart speed bumps –

Speed ​​bumps are important for safety but in many cases they can also be very dangerous, and now new speed bumps are getting smart.

Speed ​​bumps represent a very important element in ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians. However, while they are designed to reduce vehicle speeds and protect vulnerable people, such as pedestrians and cyclists, On the other hand, they can also pose significant risks, especially for motorcyclists.

The dilemma between safety and danger has always been a central issue in the debate on road design. But now there appears to be an innovative solution: new smart speed bumps.

Traditional speed bumps are often considered one of the most effective solutions to reduce vehicle speed in areas with high traffic density or near schools and residential areas. However, their effectiveness in preventing accidents comes with a number of risks. to

A sudden decrease in speed can cause a loss of control, which can lead to serious consequences for the driver and other road users. According to estimates of many road safety organizations. Speed ​​bumps can contribute to a large number of traffic accidents each year, with consequences ranging from minor injuries to tragic, fatal results.

Intelligent deceleration: new frontiers for road safety

Speed ​​bumps have long been a challenge for motorists, with local governments increasingly using them to regulate traffic. However, in addition to testing drivers' patience, these road obstacles can damage a vehicle's wheels and suspension system. In response to this issue, a Spanish company said, Badennova has developed an innovative solution: the “intelligent artificial speed bump”.

This device, filled with a non-Newtonian fluid, dynamically adapts to the vehicle's speed. If approached at the correct speed, the bump provides less drag, ensuring a smooth crossing. but, If the speed exceeds the permissible limit, the fluid suddenly increases its cohesion, creating a more noticeable obstruction. Also funded by the European Union, this smart retardant promises to improve road safety thanks to its biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting nature.

Smart speed bumps –

Intelligence Tactic: Interactive Roadblocks

The alternative solution to regulate traffic speed comes straight from Mexico, thanks Intelligence bottle. This innovative system involves the use of electromechanical road barriers, the operation of which is regulated by a control unit. Sensors along the road constantly monitor the speed of approaching vehicles, allowing the barrier to rise or fall in real time.

If the vehicle exceeds the maximum permissible speedthe barrier rises, creating a clear obstruction. However, the system's real cunning lies in its ability to also predict and respond to the driver's maneuvers. Thanks to a series of sensors positioned along the section of road preceding the barrier, the system can identify vehicles that suddenly reduce their speed before reaching the obstacle. In this way, it ensures effective speed control, improving road safety for all road users.

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