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The Carmel Comment – March 22 2024

David’s Comment: Purim 2024 – For These a Time as This
Esther 4:14 ….. still who understands no matter whether you have occur to the kingdom for this kind of a time as this? (NKJ)

On Saturday evening Jewish persons in Israel and all-around the world will the moment once again rejoice the festival of Purim, which celebrates the story of how Esther saved her persons from destruction at the arms of the wicked Haman in Persia. Ever because Israel grew to become a nation, Satan has attempted to destroy the Jews, to prevent the prophecies currently being fulfilled, and eventually the return of Yeshua. Haman was just just one in a line of quite a few spirit of anti-christ motivated males who have tried out to cease the prepare of GOD. The list involves Pharaoh, Haman, Antiochus Epiphanes, Herod, Nero and Hitler. GOD intervened, they all unsuccessful and considering the fact that 1948, Jews have has been ready to rejoice Purim in our individual country, Israel.

Israel is nonetheless underneath assault by individuals who serve the purposes of Satan right now, and as we all know, Israel is at war in Gaza this Purim, and under rocket attack from the north, which could convert into a full scale war, much more severe than the war in Gaza. Jewish people today residing in the nations are also at chance as hatred of Israel and the Jewish individuals is rising at an alarming level. Josie and I think that like Esther, we have all appear to the kingdom for these types of a time as this. This Purim, Israel and the Jewish men and women are in good need to have of Esthers to stand with us and pray that the GOD of Israel will after yet again intervene and give Israel a miraculous victory around individuals who seek out to demolish the country and the persons.

I want to inspire every person at this time of Purim and further than, to be an Esther, and to fulfill the purpose and the destiny for which you have appear to the kingdom at this strategic time. Now is absolutely the time to be an Esther, to let the Holy Spirit to rise up within you and empower you to plead with GOD in prayer. The Kingdom desires as several Esther voices as feasible speaking to GOD, on behalf of Israel and the Jewish men and women. Sure, it is getting to be extra tough, and it can even be high-priced to stand with Israel in the nations, and so it was for Esther. She was ready to go just before the king at the hazard of dropping her lifestyle. We all know those people famed text she spoke in Esther 4:16 I will go prior to the king, and if I perish, I perish.

Be one particular of the a lot of Esthers and be sure to pray for a miraculous Purim victory for Israel, for defense about the army, for launch of the hostages, and be sure to recall to communicate up for Israel with household, friends, persons at your congregation, the news media and whoever else you have the prospect to talk with. GOD be with you and bless you as you do.  

The LORD bless you as you bless Israel by standing in protection of her appropriate to occupy and protect all of the land covenanted to the Jewish people today by the GOD of Israel. Remember to pray that all of the Jewish folks will turn back again to their GOD and Messiah. Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with everyone you have a likelihood to discuss to. Allows also pray for a revelation of the real Messiah for the Muslims, and please keep in mind to pray Angelic safety more than all of the Israeli soldiers and pilots.

Shabbat Shalom .……. David & Josie