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Hamas is ‘collapsing,’ captured terrorists tell Israel

Hamas having to pay ‘very heavy’ selling price, Israeli Protection Minister says, citing testimony by captured terrorists.

By Earth Israel News Personnel

The Hamas terror corporation is struggling heavy losses and is collapsing in on alone, captured terrorists have explained to their Israeli interrogators, according to Israel’s defense minister.

Protection Minister Yoav Gallant (Likud) met with IDF soldiers at the 98th Division’s headquarters Sunday, and held an operational assessment.

All through his pay a visit to, Gallant reviewed Israel’s latest gains in its ongoing war towards Hamas in the Gaza Strip, declaring that testimonials by terrorists captured in the IDF’s substantial raid on Shifa Hospital in Gaza Metropolis highlighted the drop of Hamas’ operational abilities.

“The group is collapsing from within just,” Gallant mentioned captured terrorists have explained to Israeli safety officers.

“In the past 7 days or two, hundreds of terrorists have been captured and what they say about what occurred to them tells the entire tale. They say that Hamas is collapsing from inside. The rates they spend are very significant.”

“In the last couple of days, we have also witnessed extremely great development, both in the terrorists in the subject, and with a lot more senior commanders, even extremely senior ones,” Gallant ongoing.

Shifa Clinic, the local headquarters for Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip prior to the Israeli invasion of Gaza, was reoccupied by Hamas forces in latest months, Israeli stability officials mentioned before this month.

On the night of March 18th, the IDF launched a substantial, multi-working day raid on the healthcare facility, sparking running gun battles with terrorists inside of and exterior of the facility.

Hundreds of terrorists have been killed during the operation, with in excess of 800 other folks arrested.

IDF main spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari instructed reporters on March 25th that the procedure in Shifa Hospital had “a substantial result on Hamas and Islamic Jihad,” incorporating that it was the most enemy combatants killed and captured in a one raid in the war, which will trigger “severe damage” to terror companies in the northern Gaza Strip.

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