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The American elections, Biden and the torpedo for Trump

The American elections, Biden and the torpedo for Trump

In the elections scheduled for November 2024 in the United States, there will be an elderly and mentally unfit prospect. But he is not Joe Biden. The President of the United States joked about Donald Trump and his age through a dinner celebration held very last night at the Gridiron Club in Washington. Biden, who a short while ago handed his regimen assessment, will switch 82 on November 20. Even so, Trump will blow out 78 candles in June.

“One of the candidates is too aged and mentally unfit to be president. The other guy is me,” Biden said although talking at the yearly gala for the US media and political elite. It is an event that former Republican President Trump also attended in 2018.

The demographic concern is established to engage in a purpose in an election campaign that will appear alive in the coming months, with the risk of a rematch between the past two presidents right after their 2020 duel.

It is crystal clear that the global framework also sites overseas policy at the heart of the table. In his remarks, Biden warned that we stay in an unparalleled time for democracy where by democracy and independence are genuinely underneath attack. He then cited Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “March on Europe,” noting that Trump inspired Putin to “do what ever the hell he wishes.”

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